Omega Pixel Design, ltd. is about providing clients with great websites that will “build the brand” to increase recognition and vitality of our clients’ businesses. Successful small businesses are what make local communities thrive and grow. The company believes they are the foundation of our nation. Omega Pixel Design, ltd. understands the entrepreneurial mindset and will assist in creating great websites for their clients to continue their success.

Beriton Fruehling

I graduated with my BSBA in International Business from The University of Akron and then decided to get my MBA from Ashland University. While I was getting my MBA I started consulting small businesses and saw there was always a need to create an online presence for the businesses. That is the reason that I met with Nick and we decided to create a company that is dedicated to “building the brand” through websites.

Nicholas Rohr

What made me interested in creating and developing websites was the fact that template based websites didn’t appeal to me. I was lead to believe that sites like Vistaprint and Godaddy offered template based websites that would provided me everything I needed. This was not true. This is why I decided to create my own website and this is how I got interested and learned how to create clean, crisp, and professional websites.